• Are ‘Pretty Cities’ more successful?


  • Many regions across North America are facing a significant workforce shortage. National data, as well as on the ground experiences here in Concord, cite this as one of the top 3 challenges to entrepreneurial and corporate growth. Area Development Magazine in their recent 32nd Annual Corporate Survey said 53% of corporate respondents cited availability of skilled labor would have an effect on their new facility or expansion plans with availability of skilled labor in the #3 spot as being considered important” or “very important” to new site selection processes or growth.

  • May 6-11 is Economic Development Week, presented by the International Economic Development Council, which celebrates the profession and the professional in your community. But what does that mean?


    Economic Development is essential in ensuring our economic future. We need to preserve and grow our tax base by retaining and attracting new businesses to the region and retaining and attracting a talented workforce with relevant skills for current and future employers.


    So how do we work as a City to do this?