Economic indicators show that the NH economy continues to steadily grow at a healthy pace and Concord is located on the pulse of that growth. Concord is poised to be that next platform as an incubator for innovation, early adoption and transformative change across many sectors.

Concord’s Growth-Driven Industries

Icon - Tech


At the summit of a rapidly expanding NH high-tech environment, the City is well poised to welcome innovative and disruptive technological solutions designed to serve both an urban and rural population. We recognize the importance of connectivity and associated comforts of a community and a perfect base to develop and test the technology needed to make this happen. 

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Medical Hub

Concord has one of the finest healthcare networks north of Boston.  More than 800 health care professionals provide high quality care throughout the region.  Several types of hospitals and clinics, such as Concord Hospital's Payson Center for Cancer Care, offer specialized and general services for patients spanning across all of NH and beyond.  This thriving medical community uses the latest high tech equipment and provides cutting edge treatments.

Icon - Manufacturing


Manufacturing is one of New Hampshire’s largest industries and one of the state’s major economic drivers. With more than 150 manufacturing companies, Concord’s manufacturing economy still embraces a more traditional focus but is steering another course towards  high-tech and “smart” manufacturing.

Icon - Distribution


Concord’s proximity to highways and railways makes it an excellent site for distributing goods. Many of the products manufactured in Concord are known and used worldwide. Being located at the hub of several major interstate highways, makes the City an ideal center for motor freight activity.

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Financial and Business Services

As the state's capital, Concord is headquarters to state, local and federal agencies and home to major law firms and non-government organizations. The fastest growing segment of the economic base is the service industry, comprising education, finance, and medical services.