Designing a New Economic Landscape for the City of Concord


May 6-11 is Economic Development Week, presented by the International Economic Development Council, which celebrates the profession and the professional in your community. But what does that mean?


Economic Development is essential in ensuring our economic future. We need to preserve and grow our tax base by retaining and attracting new businesses to the region and retaining and attracting a talented workforce with relevant skills for current and future employers.


So how do we work as a City to do this?


Well we are already off to a good start by offering a good quality of life and creating a sense of place. In addition, we need to support development across the whole City (Private or City led) by minimizing barriers to investment and using marketing tools such as this blog and a website, to bring attention to the public outside of Concord on the opportunities we have here.  I am a big believer in collaboration and taking this approach with our many partners including the State will take this City to the next level.  Economic development has become a much more sophisticated process than it ever has been in the past and now takes a much larger set of skills to engage with the larger business community.

Last year, I had the honor to be nominated to the national board of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). This is big not only for me but to the City of Concord. I am a big advocate of the importance of sharing best practices and ideas amongst peers as we can no longer look or think as yourself as a single city, region or State but as part of the global community.

Being able to bring my experience and observations to the table to share with other communities is a very important part of what I do. We should never stop learning as an Economic Development Organizations so what I can also learn from my peers and take back to my community can only, in my mind, help the greater cause.

We do this because we have a passion for making our communities a better place to live, work, and play. This may be a very idealistic view, but we all need vision to do this in the best way we possibly can. This is what makes me look forward to each day with a smile on my face.

Many people have a great deal of confidence invested in you as an economic developer especially in a place like Concord.  I have particularly found this here in my role in Concord quite heartwarming and at the same time, challenging when it comes to managing expectations.

But at the end of the day, being in Economic Development does become a calling and once you get hooked it’s very hard to leave. Being part of the greater International Economic Development Council and its community is just one way I think I can make a difference alongside my fellow peers in the industry. Also for Concord and its leadership who work beside me every day, it's important for me to be part of the team who are taking this City forward into the next pathway of progression and growth.